Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I've got your back

Random story 1: A little while ago I posted this on facebook:

Dear Buglet, Tink and Pixie
I don't care how old you are, I will be there for every first and every last, in person or by proxy, cheering you on, laughing at you and crying with you. I am your mother and no-one will ever love you as much as I love you, and no-one will ever have your back like I do. So toughen up and smile for the photo! I will still be doing this when you're at uni (however many times you are there).
Mummy xxx

I wanted a picture on the last day of school, especially as it was Tink's last day of primary school, and I was going to get it! Similar arguments occurred on the first day of this year. You think they would learn.

Back to school picture ..........get it?!
Just in case you care, Pixie's bag lights up if you hit it. This makes me so incredibly happy.

Random story 2: I was trying to explain the meaning of the word "sacrifice" to the girls in a non-actually-killing-something-or-someone way. Pixie, being a ethical vegetarian, was not particularly happy when her sisters pointed out sacrificing didn't mean killing a person, sometimes it meant killing an animal.

I can't remember how it came up. I think one of them had read the term in a book.

My explanation did not go quite according to plan either. I was trying to explain that sacrifice can mean giving up something for someone else.

Me: Like some people might say I sacrificed family time and being home with you three for my career.
Insert chorus of angry protests from the Entourage.
Buglet *angrily*: Who said that?!
Me: No-one said that! It was an example.

I try again.

Me: Or to put it the other way, some people might say I sacrificed my career by working part-time so I could be home with you three when you were little.
Insert chorus of angry protests from the Entourage.
Me: No-one actually said that either! But I am glad you guys think I am doing a good job.

The bit where I link in these two random stories: We did get there eventually, but it is nice to know they have my back too.I must being teaching them something .... right?!

In a world where it is easy to let down the people you care about the most, either on deliberately or carelessly, I am just so glad that they realise they are my number one priority (97.5% of the time). I just hope that I am never the one that lets them down.

Attempt at a meaningful conclusion: One of my most favourite facebook memes that goes around says: "One day someone will come along and hug you so hard that all your broken bits will be stuck back together". I hope no-one ever breaks them, but if they do, I hope they know that someone will fix them.

As for me, I am so, so, so thankful for the friends who have been there to put me back together.

Random real conclusion: Aren't you all glad we talk in the car? I feel this blog would be a lot less "philosophical" without our car conversations. Some days I think we should stick to singing though. My brain isn't always up to parenting explanations after a day of work.

And now I need to go. Pixie has just come running in to ask do I think Flip-Flop has an opinion. I am not sure on what, but my current opinion is that the Pixie should be a sleeping Pixie and that I need to attack the pile of washing I left last night.

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